Pro-Palestinian protestors publicize plans to derail Oscars ceremony

Their justification for restricting access to attendees is to reflect ‘the blockade of Gaza and the occupation of Palestine.’

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Several pro-Palestinian organizations are making concrete plans not only to demonstrate at Sunday evening’s Oscars ceremony but to actually sabotage the event.

Commander Randy Goddard of the Los Angeles Police Department told The New York Times that according to intelligence gathered from social media and other sources, some pro-Palestinian activist groups “would like to stop the Academy awards.”

This is indicated by slogans chosen by the groups and social media posts.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, several groups are planning on blocking the entrances and exits to the event as well as the streets leading to the venue.  They plan to carry signs and chant slogans such as “No awards during a genocide.”

Their justification for restricting access to attendees is to reflect “the blockade of Gaza and the occupation of Palestine.”

Groups posting about their intention to disrupt the Oscars include Writers Against the War on Gaza LA (WAWOG), Film Workers for Palestine, SAG-AFTRA Members for Ceasefire and many others.

The 96th Oscar Awards are scheduled for Sunday evening at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

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Jewish Voice for Peace LA chapter plans to congregate at LA’s Cinerama Dome with signs that say “While you’re watching bombs are dropping.”

“Let’s mobilize and take to the streets to show that we refuse to look away from this ongoing genocide! Ceasefire NOW!” their statement said.

Film Workers for Palestine and SAG-AFTRA for Ceasefire, said in a statement, “We will not let people turn away from the atrocities in Gaza. We are taking action and making sure Palestine will NOT be ignored for some glitz and glam.”

LA police are reportedly beefing up security in anticipation of the mass protests and interference planned by Pro-Palestinian groups.

Steel fencing was erected around the venue as has been done during previous events where protests were expected.

“We are well aware of the protesters, we have a number of backup scenarios we can activate quickly if needed,” a senior security official said.

“Working with our partners in the LAPD, we anticipate no problems or delays for our guests and nominees,” they added.