Pro-terror protesters attacked right-wing activist, alleges complaint against Arab MK

According to a complaint filed by the Honeinu rights organization, Saadi punched a man while snatching his phone.


An Israeli resident of Rehovot who arrived at Kaplan Hospital on Saturday was attacked by Arab-Israeli Member of Knesset (MK) Osama Sa’adi of the Joint List, a complaint filed overnight at the Rehovot police station alleges.

According to the complaint, the incident was documented by the victim.

Footage shows a confrontation between the right-wing activist and left-wing activists who came to support Islamic Jihad terrorist Maher al-Akhras who is hospitalized at Kaplan Hospital following a 90-day hunger strike.

Supporters of the terrorist engaged in a verbal confrontation with the man, and at some point, Sa’adi snatched the cell phone from the complainant.

According to the complaint filed by attorney Haim Bleicher of the Honeinu rights organization, Sa’adi punched the man while snatching his phone.

MK Ofer Kasif, of the Joint List who was present, was also documented confronting the complainant.

The MKs and supporters of the terrorist confronted both the hospital security guards and hospitalized families who complained about the commotion.

Yonatan Pollak, an extreme left-wing activist who in recent years has been leading riots throughout Judea and Samaria in which IDF soldiers have been wounded, was also present.

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In the complaint, Bleicher wrote that “this is an assault that indicates danger since the attackers carried out the attack in front of the police and security guards without fear.”

Bleicher demanded that assailants be arrested immediately.

The complainant was slated to arrive at the police station on Sunday to submit a full complaint and to provide the documentation in his possession to the police.