Australian protesters compare Netanyahu to Hitler

One of the placards held by anti-Israel demonstrators smacked of anti-Semitism, labeling the Australian prime minister as Jewish.

Despite the warm welcome received by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his visit in Australia from both Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and opposition leader Bill Shorten, hundreds of anti-Israel demonstrators made their voices heard on Thursday as they protested the Israeli leader outside his hotel in Sydney.

Many of the placards included slogans criticizing Israeli policies, with some calling for Israel to “end the occupation.” Others were directed against Netanyahu specifically, calling him a “war criminal” and a “terrorist.”

Some signs compared Netanyahu to Adolf Hitler. One banner in particular, referring to Netanyahu as a “fascist,” had a picture of the Israeli premier altered to include a Hitler-branded moustache.

Another one, directed at Turnbull, bordered on anti-Semitism, describing him as “Jewish and a poodle for Bibi the war criminal.”

Shortly preceding Netanyahu’s arrival, an op-ed written by Turnbull was published in The Australian, in which he reiterated his government’s opposition to “boycott campaigns designed to delegitimize the Jewish state.”

By: Jonathan Benedek, World Israel News