Public defender accuses California judge of repeatedly calling him ‘Jew boy’

The judge has called the allegations ‘outright lies.’


California’s Commission on Judicial Performance is investigating Gregory Kreis, a judge on the Humboldt County Superior Court in Eureka, Calif., for Jew-hatred, among other charges.

The judge, who is up for reelection, is alleged to have repeatedly called a public defender “Jew boy,” among 18 other counts in the complaint, including sexual harrassment.

At a 2019 event, during which the judge “appeared to be intoxicated,” he told Rory Kalin, then a deputy public defender, that “he looked Jewish, called him ‘Jewboy’ to his face, in front of his wife, and laughed or smiled each time you made the remark,” per the complaint.

Also in Kalin’s presence, the judge allegedly “said to Stefanie Kalin, ‘I don’t even know why you’re married to this Jewboy,’ or words to
that effect,” the complaint adds. The judge is also accused of pushing Rory Kalin, who was fully dressed, into the water from on a boat and of referring to him in a conversation with Stefanie Kalin as her “girlfriend.”

The complaint alleges that the judge also used the term “Jew boy” at least once in 2016.

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Three days after the event on the boat, the public defender appeared before the judge in court in 10 cases, and the judge didn’t disclose their social interaction.

The judge has called the allegations “outright lies.” He has also claimed that witnesses on the boat saw no antisemitism.