Qatari official says Oct 7 ‘only a prelude to annihilation’ of Israel

‘There can be no negotiations with the Zionist entity… They only recognize one thing, which is killings; since they are killers of prophets.’

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

A Qatari legislator and member of the Shura council received a standing ovation when he said the atrocities on October 7th were “only a prelude” to the destruction of Israel.

Essa Al-Nassr declared, “There will be no peace nor negotiations with the Zionist entity for one reason: because their mentality does not recognize negotiations, but rather only… breaking promises and lying… They only recognize one thing, which is killings; since they are killers of prophets.”

The term “killers of prophets” is reminiscent of an antisemitic canard that was dominant in Christian Europe and was the impetus behind the persecution of Jews.

Al-Nassr went on to say that the October 7th massacre, termed as the “Flood of Al-Aqsa operation,” was  just a “prelude to the annihilation of the corruption of the ‘second Zionist entity’ upon earth.”

By “second Zionist entity” he is referring to the ingathering of Jewish exiles which in some Islamist circles sets the stage for a major battle  that will lead to the defeat of the Jewish State.

Al-Nassr is a Brigadier General at the Guard for Intelligence and Security of the Emiri Guard, and serves as a member of the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee, and the Cultural and Media Affairs Committee.

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Al-Nassr’s remarks were cheered by many in the Shura council but were denounced by the United Nations which called for accountability for his hateful speech.

His harsh rhetoric against Israel comes at a time when Qatar is rethinking its role as the mediator of a ceasefire and a hostage deal, both of which have failed to materialize.

It is apparent from Al-Nassr’s remarks that he blames Israel, rather than Hamas, for the collapse of any agreement.

Last month, Israel said it was ready to agree to a 6-week pause in fighting which would correspond in the first phase with the release of 40 female, minor, and ill hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners.

Hamas refused to comply with the proposal and demanded nothing less than a full ceasefire and the release of thousands of high-security Palestinian prisoners, terms that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called, “delusional.”