Radical Islam seeks to ‘dominate the world,’ Bennett tells Christians

“Israel protects the rights of Christians as we protect the rights of all religions,” the Israeli prime minister declared at he Christian Media Summit.

At the fifth annual Christian Media Summit Thursday evening, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett stressed that the Jewish state protects the rights of all faiths.

Israel is the only country in the Middle East that fully protects Christians, he said.

The Christian polulation in Israel is “growing, thriving and prospering,” he said. “More than ever, Israel stands united with Christians. We’re brothers and sisters. We are united. We won’t let anyone extinguish our light.”

The Israeli leader also thanked Christians for supporting Israel as well as warning of the threat of radical Islam.

“Here in Israel were are also fighting a very visible enemy, radical militant Islam,” Bennett stated, adding that the danger extends throughout the Middle East.

“The terror that begins in Tehran seeks to destroy Israel, dominate the world and drive it into a dark abyss,” he said.

Nonetheless, “We are here. We are strong. And we are not going anywhere,” he concluded. “Thank you for your support.”