Rashida Tlaib incensed over Jenin: ‘Congress must stop funding violent, apartheid Israel’

“Even for Rashida Tlaib, the level of dishonesty here is truly staggering.”

By World Israel News Staff

US far-left, pro-Palestinian Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib on Monday called for the Biden administration to cease aid to the “violent Israeli apartheid regime” over the IDF’s counter-terrorist operation in Jenin.

“Israeli forces are now blocking ambulances from reaching the dozens of wounded Palestinians after at least eight people were killed in Jenin. Congress must stop funding this violent Israeli apartheid regime,” Tlaib tweeted.

Tlaib accompanied her tweet with a video shared by the Al Jazeera news outlet apparently showing “an Israeli bulldozer destroying a street in Jenin refugee camp.”

“The destruction of the roads has prevented ambulances from getting to injured people, say Palestinian officials,” Al Jazeera said.

Neither Tlaib nor Al Jazeera bothered to mention that the bulldozers were actually unearthing and destroying bombs and trip wires hidden below ground.

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the ADL, responded to Tlaib’s comments, saying: “Even for Rashida Tlaib, the level of dishonesty here is truly staggering. For starters, it’s a complete fiction. But equally important, this was a targeted action against armed terrorists who brutally murdered innocents, recklessly hid weapons under a mosque.”

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In a similar fashion, Amnesty International wrote: Israel’s military have attacked the Jenin refugee camp. At least eight Palestinians have been killed. End Israeli apartheid.”

Florida Senator Rick Scott tweeted: “Israelis have the right to defend themselves from terrorists just as any other country does, and they are doing that right now in Jenin. Unlike the terrorist killers they are fighting, Israeli forces focus only on the perpetrators and accomplices of terror.”