Red Cross demands Hamas give access to hostages held in Gaza

The hostages’ families have publicly appealed to the Red Cross for action

By World Israel News Staff

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has initiated high-level, face-to-face discussions with senior members of the Hamas terror group in a bid to gain access to more than 150 hostages currently being held in the Gaza Strip.

Sarah Davies, a representative for ICRC, emphasized the urgency of their mission, telling The Times of Israel, “We are speaking with Hamas at the highest levels, face-to-face. The plight of loved ones being held hostage is one of our top priorities. We are making demands to see them. We are asking that they be able to contact family members.”

The ICRC is pressing for immediate access to the hostages to ascertain their conditions and reassure their terror-stricken families. “We are calling for immediate access to those taken hostage, so we can check on their well-being and contact their panicked families who are desperate for news,” Davies explained, adding, “And we have made it clear that we are ready to facilitate any eventual release.”

The hostages’ families have publicly appealed to the Red Cross for action and convened with its officials this past Friday.

Davies underscored the strategic discretion of their operations: “It may feel like we are silent, but I can promise you that we are where it most counts. We are not outspoken because we know from decades of experience that the way we can best influence change for those we want to help is to keep a low profile and advocate for the best interests of those we want to help behind closed doors, directly with those who have the influence to make a difference.”

The devastating attack led by Hamas terrorists on southern Israeli communities the previous Saturday resulted in over 1,300 fatalities, with an estimated 150-200 individuals, ranging from infants and young children to women and the elderly, abducted and held hostage in Gaza.

For decades, the ICRC has maintained a presence in the Gaza Strip, striving to provide humanitarian aid and mediate in times of conflict.