Report: Israel attacked targets in Syria

Did Israel attack Syrian and Hezbollah targets again? Arab news sources are reporting that the IAF carried out several strikes against targets inside Syria last night.

Israel’s Air Force (IAF) has carried out several airstrikes inside Syria on Tuesday, several sources reported.

The official Syrian news agency reported that Israel attacked the al-Mezzeh military air base outside Damascus with ground-to-ground missiles, causing damage but no injuries.

Syrian military officials who were quoted in the report accused Israel of assisting the rebel forces fighting Assad’s regime, threatening consequences for the attack.

Earlier on, the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen network, linked to the Hezbollah terror organization, reported that the IAF attacked the al-Mezzeh base, possibly targeting weapons caches or secret intelligence installations.

Other Syrian sources reported that the explosions at the base were the result of an unclear technical failure.

The al-Mezzeh base is considered one of the most secured and important in Syria and has been the target of multiple attacks by rebel forces during the past five years of civil war, which has devastated the country.

Simultaneously, Syrian sources reported that Hezbollah sites near Damascus were also targeted Tuesday night by Israeli airstrikes that killed and injured a number of terrorists.

Israeli officials have not confirmed the reports.

Similar reports of IAF strikes inside Syria have emerged in the past.

The last reported attack occurred last Wednesday, when, according to Arab media, the IAF aircraft attacked two targets near Damascus, destroying weapons intended for Hezbollah. Syria later confirmed the reports.

Hezbollah has been working hard to arm itself with advanced weapons. Israel has stated repeatedly that it will not allow the terror organization to acquire advanced weaponry, which would threaten the country and compromise the IDF’s capability to maneuver in Lebanon in the event of another war.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has confirmed in the past that Israel carried out several attacks against Hezbollah to prevent the group from obtaining advanced weapons.

Israeli leaders have warned that Hezbollah, backed by Iran, could drag the region into another round of hostilities.

The IDF has stated that its Home Front Command was preparing for a scenario of hundreds of civilian casualties and for 1,000-1,500 rockets raining daily on Israeli population centers in an eventual conflict with Hezbollah.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News