Report: Israeli airstrike kills 10 ISIS terrorists in Syria

The Israeli air force reportedly carried out an airstrike against an ISIS affiliate in Syria, killing at least 10 ISIS fighters. 

Israel’s Air Force (IAF) carried out an airstrike in the western countryside of Daraa, inside Syria, killing at least 12 persons. – most of them members and leaders of Jaysh Khalid Ibn Al-Walid, a terrorist group that has sworn allegiance to ISIS.

The attack on the organization’s headquarters left four commanders dead, SOHR reported. The UK-based human rights watchdog estimates that the death toll is expected to rise due to the critical condition of the wounded casualties.

Jaysh Khaled Ibn al-Waleed, an armed Salafi jihadist group active in southern Syria, controls a small area in the Yarmouk Basin, adjacent to the Israeli Golan Heights. It was formed by a merger of the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade, the Islamic Muthanna Movement and the Army of Jihad, all affiliated with ISIS.

SOHR notes that this was not the first attack on the terror group, but it is unclear who carried out the previous attacks.

The IDF has remained silent on this latest report, as usual in such circumstances.

IAF airstrikes on Syrian targets, primarily against weapons shipments from Iran en route for Hezbollah in Lebanon, have been reported in the past.

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Israeli leaders have repeatedly vowed to operate to ensure the country’s security interests are maintained.

By: World Israel News Staff