RNC closes live chat over wave of anti-Semitic comments

The GOP convention was forced to shut down the live chat feature on its YouTube page after anti-Semitic users trolled Linda Lingle, the Jewish former governor of Hawaii, as she spoke.

The Republican National Convention (RNC) on Monday disabled the live chat feature on its official live stream YouTube page after it was bombarded with anti-Semitic comments during a speech by Linda Lingle, the Jewish former governor of Hawaii.

Lingle spoke about the division in Democratic leadership on support for Israel, in contrast to the position of the Republican Party on the Jewish state.

“On one issue after another, from Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS), to the Iran nuclear agreement, to the very legitimacy of Israel, they’re divided,” Lingle said about Democrats, continuing that “with those that don’t care for Israel getting stronger in the Democratic Party. You’ll find no such divisions in the Republican Party’s leadership.”

While Lingle spoke, several people wrote in the comments section, “Ban Jews,” “Kike,” “Press H for Hitler,” and “Oy Gevalt,”Rawstory.com reported with captured screen shots of the comments.

By: JNS.org