Saudi Arabia: Germany suicide bomber was in touch with ISIS 

Recent terror attacks in Europe have been proven to be connected, directly or indirectly, to ISIS.

The Saudi Interior Ministry stated that the Islamic terrorist who blew himself up in Ansbach, Germany, last month was in contact with the Islamic State (ISIS) terror organization through social media.

The terrorist, a Syrian asylum seeker, detonated his explosive charge outside a musical festival after being stopped by security, wounding 15. The outcome would have been much worse had he been admitted into the festival area.

The Interior Ministry told the Associated Press on Sunday that a Saudi phone line was used to communicate with the terrorist in Germany, but that the number was not registered to a Saudi national.

No further details were provided.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

In a video clip he made on his cellphone before he carried out the attack, the terrorist pledged that Germans “won’t be able to sleep peacefully anymore.”

He said the attack was a “revenge act against Germans because they are standing in the way of Islam.”

German security officials revealed that the terrorist, Mohammad Daleel, had been communicating with somebody in the Middle East until shortly before he died.

The Saudi kingdom said it is collaborating with Germany in the investigation of this attack.

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By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News
AP contributed to this report.