Tehran anti-US protest

Iran dismisses Trump’s ‘notice’

As Iranian officials dismissed the Trump administration's warning "putting Iran on notice," Trump and Republican members of Congress committed to further reign in Iran.
February 2, 2017
Michael Flynn

Trump administration ‘puts Iran on notice’

President Trump's national security adviser Michael Flynn released a statement 'putting Iran on notice' for its 'destabilizing behavior' that 'places American lives at risk.'
February 1, 2017
Biden Khameni

Analysis: Arabs Warn Biden about Iran’s Mullahs

'Iran's mullahs are like dangerous poisonous snakes. The mullahs cannot be tamed unless their fangs are completely pulled out. President Biden does not seem to be aware of how dangerous they are.'
March 25, 2021
Mohammad Javad Zarif

Iran threatens to walk away from nuclear deal

"If the United States were to withdraw from the nuclear deal, the immediate consequence in all likelihood would be that Iran would reciprocate and withdraw," Iran's top diplomat threatened. 
April 25, 2018
Iran nuclear

Iran tests nuclear-capable missile

Iran's reported launching of a cruise missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons challenges its contention of conducting missile activity only for defensive purposes.
February 2, 2017