Set for demolition: IDF preps home of terrorist who killed Jewish teen Rina Shnerb

The IDF prepped the home of Kassem Shabali for demolition.

By World Israel News Staff

IDF forces mapped the home of terrorist Kassem Shabali for demolition on Wednesday night. He belonged to the terrorist squad that killed Jewish teenager Rina Shnerb in August.

Shabali took part in the terrorist action which killed Shnerb at Danny Spring near the Jewish town of Dolev on August 23.

Rina. 17. was murdered by a remotely detonated bomb as she walked on a trail to a spring with her father and brother. Rina’s father, Rabbi Eitan Shnerb, 46, was lightly injured in the attack, and his son Dvir, 19, more seriously.

After receiving the go-ahead from Israeli authorities, they started down to the spring, named after Danny Gonen, who was killed there in another terrorist attack in 2015.

Rabbi Shnerb remembers the mine going off. “Everything went black. Dvir shouts to me and I shout to Rina.”

“But I saw her down. I looked at her and saw right away that she wasn’t alive,” he said.

“Dvir had wounds in every part of his body. I said to Dvir and also to myself that we’ll emerge from this strong. With God’s help, we won’t give in to despair.”

“Dvir said contact Magen David Adom and tell them we’re here, that we’re injured. He said, ‘Don’t tell mom.’ Then he started to lose consciousness.”

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“Rina saved us all. She died a hero’s death. She took it all,” he said. “Her face was whole and calm. I gave her a kiss and said, “We’ll take care to be strong.”

The IDF finally caught up with the three terrorists responsible for the cruel attack in late September.

Samer Mina Salim Arbid, 44, was the one who set up and activated the bomb that killed Rina.

Kassem Shabli, 25, provided the explosives and assisted in the assembly of the bomb.

Yazen Hassin Hassni Mjames, 25, took part in the logistics and execution of the detonation.