Shaked praises Netherlands decision to cut PA funding

Europe is sobering in its relations to the PA, the former justice minister says. 

By World Israel News Staff

New Right leader Ayelet Shaked took to Twitter on Thursday to praise the Netherlands’ recent decision to stop giving financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority on the grounds that the money is being used to support terrorism.

“I congratulate the Dutch parliament for its decision. It is very gratifying to see that parts of Europe are growing, sobering in their relations with the Palestinians and refusing to indirectly fund terrorism. Better late than never,” Shaked tweeted.

On Wednesday, the Dutch Parliament voted in favor of cutting funding to the PA, because of the fact that part of the money supports terrorists and their families.

The PA makes it a priority to financially support terrorists.

In its 2018 budget, the PA increased such funding, allocating $360 million to its so-called ‘Prisoners and Martyrs fund,’ which disperses payments to imprisoned terrorists, released terrorists and the families of dead terrorists.

In July, after Israel decided to withhold funds to the PA over terror stipends, the PA voted to continue funding terror.

The Netherlands took another step earlier in the week to show their support for Israel.

On Tuesday, Dutch lawmakers agreed to complain to the E.U. about its recent decision to require that goods made by Jews in Judea and Samaria must be marked as such. The Dutch will argue that the law is “discriminatory in comparison to other areas of conflict.”

The Dutch parliament says it will stamp Israeli products from the territories only if the E.U. law is adjusted to require that all conflict areas in the globe are similarly stamped.