Shattered Memorial: Plaques to Israel’s fallen lie in ruins

An Israeli memorial to Israeli fighters who lost their lives in the 1948 War of Independence lies shattered, a reporter discovered. 

By David Isaac, World Israel News

“Grave of the Maccabees,” a memorial to fallen Jewish soldiers in the 1948 War of Independence, lies in pieces, Aryeh Golan, an Israeli radio reporter for Kan Bet, discovered while on a leisurely stroll last Friday, Oct. 5.

Pictures he took of the memorial which he posted on Kan Bet’s Facebook site show the memorial plaques in a shocking state of disrepair.

“These panels are smashed. Mostly in places where the IDF symbols appear,” Golan wrote in the Facebook post. “One board was completely dismantled, turned into a wave of rocks, and the site was neglected and abandoned.”

Golan reached out to the defense ministry but has not yet received a reply.