Skeletons wearing uniforms and helmets discovered in Jerusalem

Two skeletal body remains were uncovered by a ZAKA rescue team at a Jerusalem construction site. 

Two human skeletons with uniforms and helmets were discovered at a construction site in Jerusalem on Thursday, and subsequently recovered by ZAKA, an ultra-Orthodox search and rescue organization.

“This is not a situation we encounter on our daily routine as ZAKA volunteers,” stated ZAKA volunteer Haim Blech. “It was a complex operation. We had to dig for hours in rocky ground until we knew we had recovered all the bones for the two skeletons.”

It remains to be seen if the skeletons are those of Jews. They were sent to the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute in Tel Aviv for further investigation.

ZAKA was called to help recover the bones as it is the only organization authorized to handle human remains in light of its strict adherence to religious burial laws.

By: World Israel News Staff