Soldier who lost both legs implores Netanyahu: ‘Don’t let our sacrifice be in vain’

Prime Minister Netanyahu meets with wounded soldiers at Sheba Hospital.

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with wounded IDF soldiers and civilians recovering at an orthopedic rehabilitation center in central Israel Thursday.

During his visit to Sheba Medical Center, the prime minister spoke with patients wounded in the October 7th invasion of Israel and during the subsequent fighting inside the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu heard from the wounded soldiers about the fierce battles they conducted against the Hamas terrorists and about the rehabilitation process and their medical conditions.

“You fought for us – we will fight for you,” Netanyahu told soldiers recovering after being wounded in Gaza.

“I see your strength and I also see that you support each other. You are our heroes. Be strong and know that the entire people stand behind you.”

The Prime Minister promise the soldiers that their sacrifices and the loss of their comrades would not be in vain and that the war would continue until total victory over Hamas.

One soldier, Elisha Meidan, who lost both of his legs during combat in the Gaza Strip, implored Netanyahu not to allow Israel to again be vulnerable to the kind of attack which took place on October 7th.

“I want to tell you that I’m happy, I don’t regret at all that I entered Gaza despite the fact that I’m past the draft age.”

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“I was proud to fight for my friends who fell. But it’s important to me that I didn’t lose my friends and suffer my injury for no reason. We have to destroy them and be victorious, we can’t concede. And we can’t return to October 6th from any standpoint – from a security standpoint as well as the rift in society.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu was accompanied on his visit by his Chief-of-Staff Tzachi Braverman, Sheba Associate Director General Prof. Arnon Afek and Sheba Orthopedic Rehabilitation Dept. Head Dr. Oren Barzel.