Terror network: Joint Hamas-Hezbollah radio station targets Israeli Arabs

The calls for terrorist attacks are aired 24 hours a day and are directed at Israeli Arabs.

By World Israel News Staff

Giving new meaning to the term ‘terror network,’ Hezbollah is now airing Hamas incitement using an antenna in Lebanon, according to Israel’s Channel 12.

A Hamas station in Judea and Samaria, used to enlist “martyrs” to carry out attacks against Israelis, was discovered by the Israeli Shin Bet security agency a couple of months ago, according to the report.  The station has since been closed down.

However, soon after, says Channel 12, an antenna was positioned at a Lebanese army position. Hezbollah began using it to air the Hamas broadcasts.

Hezbollah is a terrorist organization; it is also a member of the Lebanese government.

The calls for terrorist attacks are aired 24 hours a day and are directed at Israeli Arabs.

The Hamas station is called “Al-Aqsa,” which is the name of a mosque built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the name of the Hamas military wing.

The Israeli military has described  Al-Aqsa as airing “sermons, political speeches, and children’s shows which inspire youth to become suicide bombers when they grow up.”

The Hamas messages now airing via the Hezbollah antenna are heard on 101.6 FM, right next to the Israeli “Radio North” station on 101.5 which has many Israeli Arab listeners.

Hezbollah antenna near the Lebanese border with Israel

Hezbollah antenna near the Lebanese border with Israel (Screenshot/Channel 12)

“Rise up and prepare. Follow in the footsteps of the fortunate martyrs,” says a broadcaster on the joint Hamas-Hezbollah radio station.

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In an interview with Channel 12, a former senior Shin Bet member says that the antenna planted by Hezbollah is located near the Lebanese border with Israel. The transmitters are so strong, he says, that the broadcasts can be heard hundreds of kilometers away in the Greater Tel Aviv area.

The broadcasts can also be heard in prisons located in the north and center of Israel.

Channel 12 says it asked the Defense Ministry to explain why Israel, with its cyber capabilities, cannot shut down the Al-Aqsa broadcasts coming through the transmitters in Lebanon.

The Israeli news channel says it was directed to the Israel Communications Ministry, which responded that, in fact, the antenna is only about three kilometers from the Israeli border and that an official complaint has been filed with the International Telecommunication Union, which has been relayed to Lebanese authorities.