Act of kindness results in brutal murder of compassionate British student in Jerusalem

The young terror victim who had given her seat to a mother holding a child was “the most caring, sensitive and compassionate daughter you could ever wish for,” her bereaved family said.

Hannah Bladon, 20, a British exchange student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was stabbed to death by Palestinian terrorist Jamil Tamimi, 57, a resident of Ras al-Amud, an Arab neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Traveling on Jerusalem’s light rail train Friday on her way home from an archaeological dig, Bladon had given up her seat to accommodate a woman holding a baby, Israeli TV reported the next day. She unknowingly chose to stand near a terrorist.

Bladon had studied archaeology and theology at the University of Birmingham before beginning a new semester in Israel at the end of January.

She was “the most caring, sensitive and compassionate daughter you could ever wish for,” her bereaved family said in a statement, adding that she was also a “talented musician…an enthusiastic rugby player and a keen Derby County supporter…

“She was driven and passionate and her death leaves so much promise unfulfilled.”

“In the name of all the people of Israel, I offer condolences to the family of the murdered girl,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated. “Radical Islamic terrorism strikes in capital cities across the world. Unfortunately, it struck today in the capital of Israel, Jerusalem.”

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‘Terror Can Never Overcome Us’

“I am filled with sadness, as I received the terrible news of the murder of a young girl in the terror attack in Jerusalem,” President Reuven Rivlin said in a statement.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim, and we wish all the injured a swift and full recovery.

“This week thousands have come through the ancient gates of Jerusalem, to celebrate the feasts of Passover and Easter throughout the city – while the security forces work to ensure the safety of the dear residents and visitors to the city. And so we will continue to do.

“Terror can never overcome us. Terror will never destroy our lives here,” Rivlin vowed.

The Hebrew University released a statement, expressing “deep sorrow over the murder” and extending “deepest condolences to her family… We share in their sorrow.

“The university condemns such acts of terror that harm innocent people, and especially a student ​who came to Jerusalem to study and widen her academic horizons,” the statement continued.

“The university administration and staff will provide all necessary support to students, faculty members and their families in Israel and around the world. May her memory be blessed.”

“My thoughts are with the family and friends of UK student Hannah Bladon, who was murdered in a senseless act of terror in Jerusalem today,” Israeli Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev wrote on Twitter.

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Terrorist Wanted to Die

Channel 2 reported the stabbing as an attempted suicide attack. Tamimi, however, was not killed by police, but arrested with minimal force.

The Shin Bet, Israel’s Security Agency, said that the terrorist had “recently tried to commit suicide – in a hospital in northern Israel – by swallowing a razor blade. In 2011 he was convicted of sexually abusing his daughter.”

“This is not the first time that a Palestinian suffering from personal, mental or moral distress has chosen to commit a terrorist attack in order to escape his problems,” the Shin Bet statement concluded.

Two other victims were wounded and several people suffering shock and trauma were taken to a Jerusalem hospital for treatment.

Israeli intelligence officials have been on the alert for increased terrorist activity during the holiday season, including not only Passover, but also the upcoming Israeli Independence Day.

By: World Israel News Staff