Terrorist who wounded 4 charged with attempted murder

An Arab who recently rammed his car into four Israelis in the northern city of Acre committed attempted murder, the Shin Bet announced. 

By: World Israel News Staff

An Arab motorist who rammed his car into four pedestrians in the northern city of Acre (Akko) in March did so as an act of terrorism to murder Israelis, the Shin Bet (Israel’s Security Agency) said.

On March 4, Malek Yusef Nahar Assadi, 25 of Shfar’am, carried out a vehicular attack at several locations in Acre, wounding a Border Policeman, two IDF soldiers and a civilian.

Assadi was arrested at the last scene of the attack, after a passing soldier shot him.

The Shin Bet’s investigated the incident and determined that Assadi was motivated by nationalistic-ideological motives and committed an act of terrorism. According to the Shin Ber, the incident was not and not accident, as Assadi’s lawyer claimed.

Early reports suggested the attack was an incident of road rage, after the driver received a hefty parking ticket.

“The driver got a ticket for NIS 1,000 ($290) for parking in a handicapped spot. He got annoyed and went up on the sidewalk [and] then struck a traffic light and some bushes and ran over a border guard,” eyewitness Shimon Cohen told Ynet news after the attack.

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The State Attorney’s office in the Haifa district on Thursday indicted Assadi for attempted murder in the course of an act of terrorism, as defined under the Anti-terrorism Ordinance.