Terrorists launch rockets at Israel two nights in a row, IDF pounds Hamas positions

The Iron Dome intercepted several rockets fired at Israeli territory by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza on Saturday evening, just one day after the anti-missile defense system shot down a projectile heading toward the Jewish state.

By World Israel News Staff

On Saturday night, and IDF spokesperson issued a statement regarding a rocket alert sounded in Israel’s south, announcing that “three rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel.”

“Two were shot down by the Iron Dome,” the statement explained.

Saturday night’s rocket attack arrived just a day after Palestinian terrorists fired at least two rockets at Israeli territory on Friday evening.

With regard to that attack, the Iron Dome system intercepted one of the rockets, and no casualties were reported.

Shrapnel after a Palestinian rocket attack. (TPS/Noga Benoudiz-Siyahu)

Two Israelis were lightly injured running to bomb shelters on Saturday, but no other injuries from that attack surfaced.

During the attack on Saturday night, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza launched at least three rockets at Israel, with the Iron Dome shooting down two of them.

Metal shrapnel was discovered outside a home in the southern Israeli town of Sderot, which caused property damage, Times of Israel reported.

The IDF responded on Friday night and early Saturday morning to the first rocket attack this weekend, striking two underground sites belonging to Hamas.

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The rocket attacks were launched just days after two separate incidents in which armed Palestinian terrorists attempted to infiltrate Israeli territory by breaching the security barrier between Gaza and Israel. During one of the incidents, the terrorists carried rocket-propelled grenade launchers and assault rifles, among other weapons and supplies.

On August 1, a Palestinian gunman fire shots at IDF forces, injuring three soldiers before he was eliminated.