‘They massacred my family, while two little children watched’: Bloodbath in southern Kibbutz

Hamas terrorists gained control of Kibbutz Be’eri, burning houses and killing indiscriminately.

By World Israel News Staff

In a heart-wrenching series of events, an Israeli journalist detailed the escalating terror faced by his family in a kibbutz in the Gaza envelope, ending with a massacre of a couple in front of their four young children.

Hamas terrorists gained control of Kibbutz Be’eri, burning houses and killing indiscriminately on the streets and going door to door. Dozens were taken captive to Gaza and a further 60 were held hostage in the kibbutz dining room.

Those hostages were freed on Sunday.

In a particularly sinister scene, a Hamas “journalist” was spotted reporting from the scene in Arabic.

Army Radio’s political reporter, Yuval Segev, initially reached out publicly, expressing concern for his uncle’s family on X: “My uncle’s house is on fire. They are trapped inside with their four children, counting the minutes. Please send help.”

Hours later, an increasingly distraught Segev shared, “We’ve lost contact with my uncle, aunt, and cousins in Be’eri. They had left their shelter due to the intense heat and took refuge in the bushes outside. The last communication from them mentioned seeing terrorists nearby. I’m hoping against hope they’re among the hostages in the dining area and not in a worse situation.”

But an update on Sunday brought grim news. “After hiding for hours, a terrorist discovered my family and began firing. They were killed without mercy,” Segev recounted. “The youngest children, aged 11 and 8, witnessed the horror but managed to escape, possibly protected by their father shielding them. They are now safe with relatives.”

Segev, filled with grief, added, “No updates are coming in. We’re unsure if their bodies were taken. Our hearts are broken.”

“Our tragedy is just one of many. Every hour, news of another lost loved one surfaces—people I’ve known, childhood friends, colleagues. Many held hope for hours, believing rescue was imminent since they were in their own homes, in their own country. My gratitude goes out to all who tried to help.”