Trump blames Chicago mayor and others for causing ‘living hell’

Chicago is “worse than Afghanistan,” Trump said, suggesting a “stop and frisk” policy could be the answer.

President Donald Trump, in a Fox News town hall with Sean Hannity on Thursday, chastised four Democratic mayors for allowing their cities to become a “living hell” by not cracking down on gun violence.

“Chicago is an example, it is worse than Afghanistan,” Trump told Hannity, before also listing Detroit, Baltimore, and Oakland as examples.

“They want help. These cities, it’s like living in hell,” the president said.

Trump suggested that a “stop and frisk” policy, once used by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, would help curb the alarming rates of homicide and other violent crimes.

“It’s very controversial to stay, stop and frisk,” Trump said. “Rudy Giuliani was a great mayor. It was a great thing he did for New York.”

“If we are going to become a more perfect union, if we really want to pursue happiness, we first have to have law and order,” he added.

The president said that although his criticism is often misconstrued as being racist, in fact he has the support of many African Americans.

“Everyone gets upset when I say it. They say ‘Oh, that’s a racist statement.’ It’s not racist. Frankly, black people come up to me and say, ‘Thank you sir for saying it,’” Trump said.

Last weekend in Chicago, at least nine people, including four children, were killed and 51 others wounded in shooting attacks. Detroit has seen a 30 percent increase in homicides compared to last year at this time, with 129 recorded. In Baltimore, 159 people were murdered this year as a result of violent crime.

Trump also vowed to take action if Seattle officials can’t properly address the dangerous cop-free CHAZ zone.

“If they don’t do something with Seattle, we’re going to do that — we’re going to go in there,” Trump said, “because what’s happening, they’re taking over American cities.”