Trump praises Netanyahu but claims massacre ‘would never have happened’ if he were president

The former president called Netanyahu a ‘tremendous leader’ but claims October 7th ‘would never have happened’ under his watch.

By World Israel News

In a conversation with Enrique Acevedo of Univision, former US President and current favorite to secure the Republican nomination for the 2024 election, Donald Trump, discussed, among other issues, his view of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

In his residence at Mar-a-Lago, Trump detailed his strategy to capture the Latino vote, his various indictments, and foreign affairs, including the conflict in Gaza.

Trump introduced the topic during a discussion of terrorism prevention in the United States and then began praising the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu:

“You have a man who’s a tremendous leader, a very strong man. Some people like him, Some people don’t.”

However, the former President insisted that the current war between Hamas and Israel wouldn’t have happened on his watch; “ Well, I hate to say this because but I have to. It would have never happened.” Turning the subject to Iran, Trump added, “ I had Iran in a good position. We would have had to deal with Iran within two weeks after the election if it wasn’t rigged … We would have had a deal with Iran. Iran was broke.”

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Returning to the subject of Netanyahu and the question of whether the Prime Minister was to blame for the October 7th invasion by Hamas, “Things like that can happen. It is surprising that a lot of people knew about it and that they didn’t because they have a very high level of intelligence in terms of their service. But so it’s a little bit surprising. But things like that can happen.”

“But the big decision and the big problem is what’s going to happen. How is this thing going to end? We have to get it ended. I really believe this could end up in a very, very bad situation for everybody. For the whole world. For the whole world. It could end up in World War Three.”