IDF op: Two Samaria terrorists killed, two additional suspects arrested

Hamza Hariush and Samer Shafi were killed during an exchange of fire with Israeli forces during which an Israeli citizen was injured and vehicles were damaged, according to the IDF.


Israeli forces on Saturday killed two terrorists who were involved in a shooting near the town of Avnei Hefetz in Samaria on May 2.

The terrorists, identified as Hamza Hariush and Samer Shafi, were killed during an exchange of fire during which an Israeli citizen was injured and vehicles were damaged, according to the Israeli military.

Searches of the building where the suspects were hiding uncovered ammunition and two M-16 rifles, military vests and gun magazines.

Two additional terror suspects were arrested in connection with the May 2 attack, both residents of Tulkarm, according to the military. One of the suspects was wounded while attempting to escape.

The two suspects were transferred to the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) for questioning.

On Thursday, Israeli forces killed the Palestinian terrorists who last month murdered three members of the Dee family in the Jordan Valley. Lucy Dee, 48, and daughters Maia, 20, and Rina, 15, were killed in an April 7 shooting on the Route 57 highway near the Hamra Junction.

The terrorists, identified as Hamas members Hassan Katnani and Muad Masri, were shot dead in an exchange of fire after Israeli forces surrounded their hideout in Nablus’s Kasbah (Old City). Ibrahim Hura, identified by the IDF as a collaborator with the Hamas terrorists, was also killed in the raid, the military said.

“This morning, the IDF, the ISA and the National Counter-Terrorism Unit took action in the Old City of Nablus, in daylight. They settled accounts with the murderers of Lucy, Maia and Rina Dee; may their memories be for a blessing. They confronted these murderers and eliminated them,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“There is a message here that needs to be understood: In recent months, we have eliminated or captured 110 terrorists; most of them were eliminated. Our message to the murderers, to whoever attacks us or tries to attack us is: We will find you. You can hide, you can try to hide, but it will not help. The long arm of the State of Israel will find you,” declared the prime minister.