Two injured as Hezbollah attacks Israel’s Iron Dome defense system

Multiple fires sparked as Lebanese terrorists hit Golan Heights and Galilee with rockets and war drones.

By World Israel News Staff

Dozens of rockets and a number of suicide drones were launched by Arab terrorists operating in southern Lebanon towards northern Israel on Sunday.

Hezbollah terrorists launched least 40 rockets towards the Golan Heights and northern Galilee on Sunday, with multiple war drones detected crossing into Israeli airspace.

Fifteen rockets were detected being launched towards the town of Katzrin in the Golan Heights, with more than two dozen more fired at towns across the Galilee, including 15 launched towards Kiryat Shmona and eight fired at Margaliot.

At least two people were hurt by shrapnel in the barrage on Kiryat Shmona, after Iron Dome interceptors downed multiple incoming rockets.

City officials said three hits were reported in Kiryat Shmona Sunday.

According to the Hezbollah terror group, the drones launched towards Israel had been directed towards an Iron Dome missile defense battery, while the rockets launched towards Katzrin were targeting an IDF base in the area.

Multiple blazes were sparked by the rocket attacks, including one large fire just south of Kiryat Shmona.

Firefighters were also dispatched to extinguish blazes in the Golan and outside the Galilee town of Yiftah.

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In the western Galilee, two unmanned aircraft penetrated Israeli airspace from Lebanon before detonating in the Akko district, prompting warning sirens in the surrounding area.

Hezbollah terrorists launched a massive Burkan missile at an IDF base near Kiryat Shmona on Saturday, and shot down an IDF Hermes 900 drone flying over Lebanon, prompting Israeli forces to retaliate with strikes in Baalbek, in northern Lebanon, and in Bint Jbeil. Qana. and Baraachit, killing three terrorists Saturday.

Over the weekend Israeli forces also bombed a building in the southern Lebanese town of Houla which had been used by Hezbollah terrorists in their attacks on Margaliot.