Two prominent Iranian scientists mysteriously die within hours of each other

Prominent Iranian scientists involved in country’s UAV and missile programs killed in mysterious car accidents within hours of each other, after a string of killings that some attribute to Israel.

By World Israel News Staff

Two prominent Iranian scientists mysteriously died within hours of each other on Sunday, less than a month after at least three other scientists and military officials also died under mysterious circumstances in the country.

Iranian state media Fars reported that the two men, who both had significant roles in Iran’s UAV program, satellite, and ballistic missile programs, died in two separate car accidents.

However, other Iranian media referred to the deceased men as “martyrs,” implying that they were intentionally killed.

Ali Kamani, an officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) air division, was reportedly killed in a vehicular collision in the city of Khomein, southwest of Tehran.

Notably, Tasnim reported that Kamani died while “defending the homeland during the mission.”

The Iranian news outlet did not provide additional details into his mission or the circumstances of his death.

Mohammad Abdous, who was not a member of the IRGC but was a leading aerospace engineer working for Iran’s air force, was said to have been killed in a car crash in the northern Semnan Province. Abdous’ death came just hours after news of Kamani’s car accident was made public.

Last week, Iranian aerospace engineer Dr. Ayoob Entezari died within hours of eating dinner at a social gathering.

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While Iranian media initially said he had died of food poisoning, it was clear to most that the actual cause of his death was acute, intentional poisoning.

The Iranian government seemingly confirmed this to Enterzari’s family by presenting them with a certificate of martyrdom for their deceased relative.

In late May, Col. Hassan Sayyad Khodaei, a senior member of the IRGC, was shot to death outside his home in Tehran by assassins on a motorbike.

A week later, another IRGC commander, Col. Ali Esmailzadeh, died after reportedly falling off the roof of his home.

While some analysts attributed that “accident” to Mossad agents, others said he was killed by the Iranian government over suspicion that he had leaked information to Israel that enabled the targeted killing of Khodaei.