Two Israelis shot dead in Mexico, one linked to deported criminal

Two Israelis were shot and killed in Mexico City on Wednesday.

By World Israel News Staff

Less than a month after an Israeli DJ was killed in a shootout in Mexico, two more Israelis were reported shot dead in Mexico City on Wednesday afternoon. Only unlike the first, it appears the two were purposely targeted and at least one had ties to a wanted criminal recently deported to Israel.

According to reports, the two Israeli men were at a shopping center restaurant when they were gunned down by a woman. The woman, 33, was quickly apprehended trying to flee from the scene. She was in a romantic relationship with one of the men, reports say.

Acting Israeli Consul General in Mexico, Eli Levy, rushed to the scene upon receiving news of the shooting and worked with authorities to identify the victims, Mako‘s website reports.

One of those shot was the partner of Erez Akrisheuski, an Israeli man who fled the country in 2001 after being convicted of attempted murder after shooting a man and his son at a Tel Aviv market. He was also convicted of forgery.

Akrisheuski was turned over to Israeli authorities on Tuesday and deported to Israel.

Ha’aretz reports he had been on the run for years, residing in several Latin American countries under a false identity. He was captured in Argentina in 2004 but escaped before he could be extradited to Israel, the paper reports.