Two leaders of Hamas unit responsible for Be’eri massacre killed by IDF

On October 7th in Kibbutz Be’eri at least 130  men, women and children were killed, 10% of the total population of Be’eri, and 29 were taken hostage.

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Shin Bet and the IDF announced that they killed two Hamas leaders of the terror Nuseirat battalion that carried out the Be’eri massacre on October 7th.

Ismail Siraj and his deputy Ahmed Wahaba died in an IDF airstrike in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, the IDF said.

Siraj was a terror commander of the Hamas Nukhba company and also manufactured rockets.

Wahaba took his position after the Nuseirat deputy commander was killed by the IDF early in the war.

The Nuseirat terror battalion headquarters are in central Gaza and the group was responsible for the massacre at Kibbutz Be’eri and other communities on October 7th.

Nuseirat has also fired anti-tank missiles and drones at troops in Gaza.

Be’eri is synonymous with Hamas cruelty and murder and was one of the hardest hit of the kibbutzim in Southern Israel on October 7th.

At least 130  men, women and children were killed, 10% of the total population of Be’eri, and 29 were taken hostage.

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Hamas fired rockets at the kibbutz at 6:30 in the morning on October 7th, and 70 terrorists invaded the kibbutz.

Although a 10-member security team attempted to fight off the terrorist invaders, five were killed in the initial attack.

Evidence of atrocities at Be’eri was documented by terrorist GoPros and cameras and by victims who sent WhatsApp messages and images.

Terrorists went from house to house on the kibbutz shooting victims and burning the houses.

There was also extensive forensic evidence of rape, torture, and mutilation.

Yossi Landau regional head of Zaka, said that 80% of the bodies recovered in Kfar Aza and Be’eri showed signs of torture.

He reported that children and entire families were tied together and burned alive.

The charred remains of victims took weeks and even months to identify and archeologists had to be called in to analyze the remains.

The effort to identify bodies is ongoing as well as the complex operation of recovering the remaining hostages in Gaza and dismantling Hamas, the group responsible for the massacres.