Two terror attacks in Judea and Samaria since morning

One injury was due to an explosion triggered by attempting to remove a roadside Palestinian flag rigged with explosives.

By Sveta Listratov, TPS

IDF forces successfully thwarted an attempted terrorist attack earlier this morning in Hebron area.

Two terrorists arrived at the Beit Anon junction, with one attempting to stab IDF soldiers at the location, while another one opened fire on the troops.

Prompt action by the forces resulted in neutralizing both terrorists without any casualties among the troops.

Simultaneously, another terror event unfolded between Kochav HaShahar and Malachei Shalom in Binyamin region.

Initial reports indicated an explosion in the area, prompting the dispatch of large forces to the scene.

Further investigation revealed that the incident was a pull attack, triggered when a charge connected to a Palestinian Authority flag on the roadside was activated.

As a resident of East Binyamin approached to remove the flag, the charge detonated, causing light injuries.

The injured resident, who is on IDF active reserve service, received on-site treatment and declined hospitalization.

Additional scans are currently underway to ensure the area is secure from further threats.

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Tensions in the Binyamin region have escalated over the past week following the brutal murder of fourteen-year-old shepherd Binyamin Achimair.

His body was discovered in the Malachei Shalom area within the Binyamin region last Saturday.