UK: Ex-lawmaker denies Hamas atrocities in southern Israel

Former far-left MP claims there is no evidence of Hamas massacres and atrocities during the October 7th invasion.

By Susan Tawil, World Israel News

A former British lawmaker and leader of a far-left political party is promoting denialism of the Hamas atrocities during its invasion of southwestern Israel on October 7th.

Former UK Parliament Member George Galloway is now claiming on social media that the October 7 Hamas terror attack on Israel is an elaborate fabrication.

In a November 10 posting on X (formerly Twitter), Galloway claims that the rapes and brutal murders did not happen, and that the Israeli government itself has dropped the allegations.

In reference to the beheadings, mutilations, and burnings of dozens of babies and young children, he posted: “One dead baby (was) killed by persons unknown.”

Galloway also maintains that the vast majority of the more than 1,200 people murdered on October 7 were members of the Israeli military. In fact, nearly 900 of the fatalities have been confirmed as civilians.

In addition to denying the Hamas atrocities, Galloway called those who maintain the validity of the attack “war criminals.”

Galloway, a far-left politician, has been a member of British Parliament from 1987-2015. He was head of the Workers Party of Britain (the Labour Party) until he was expelled in 2003 for bringing the party into disrepute. He then affiliated himselft with the now defunct Respect party. Galloway was a radio talk show host since 2006, but was fired in 2019 for antisemitic remarks on air.

In 2004, Galloway pledged “to devote the rest of (his) life to the Palestinian and Arab cause.” He does not “recognize Israel” and says he is in favor of a “one-state solution” – the dissolution of Israel and its replacement with a Palestinian state.

During the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict, Galloway declared the city of Bradford, England an “Israel-free zone.” “We don’t want any Israeli goods…services…academics…(or) even tourists,” he declared. “We reject this illegal, barbarous, savage state that calls itself Israel.”