US confirms Israel behind bombing in Iraq, first in nearly 4 decades

Many suspect that Israel is also behind several recent attacks on Iran-backed bases and weapons storage facilities in Iraq.


U.S. officials have confirmed that Israel was behind a bombing of an Iranian weapons depot in Iraq in July, a move that signals Israel has expanded its targeting of Iran beyond Syria.

It is believed to be the first confirmed Israeli strike in Iraq in almost four decades.

The New York Times first reported the development on Thursday, which occurred on July 19.

There have been several recent attacks on Iran-backed bases and weapons storage facilities. It is currently unknown who was behind the other attacks, but many suspect Israel may have carried out the strikes. On Wednesday, the London-based pan-Arab daily Asharq Al-Awsat reported that Israel was behind all three recent strikes in Iraq after reaching an understanding with the U.S. and Russia.

Iraqi National Security Adviser Falih al-Fayadh said on Thursday that Iraq doesn’t want to be “pushed into a way” between Iran and other countries.

“The Iraqi government and especially its security agencies and armed forces will take all measures necessary to protect Iraq and its people and to deter any attempts at destabilization,” he said.

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Fayadh added that the Iraqi government has yet to determine who was behind the attacks.