US-Israeli delegation to visit Morocco on first-ever direct EL Al flight

“We are all glad the king made the right decision,” said a senior Moroccan official.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

Less than two weeks after Morocco announced its intention to formally recognize Israel, a delegation of senior American and Israeli officials is scheduled to land in the North African kingdom on Tuesday.

Reuters reported that the first-ever direct El Al flight between the Jewish state and Morocco has been given the call sign LY555, a reference to the hamsa hand symbol considered an omen of good luck in both countries.

The American delegates, who are scheduled to arrive in Israel on Monday, will be led by President Trump’s son-in-law and White House special advisor Jared Kushner.

White House envoy Avi Berkowitz, who was highly involved in the Abraham Accords, and International Development Finance Corporation CEO Adam Boehler will accompany Kushner.

Israeli National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat will lead the Israeli delegation, which includes Foreign Ministry Director General Alon Ushpiz and Foreign Ministry Chief of Staff Haim Regev.

The delegations are expected to meet with King Mohammed IV, Moroccan Prime Minister Saad a-Din al-‘Uthmani, government ministers and senior officials.

While Morocco and Israel previously had no formal diplomatic relations, the countries have a long history of intelligence sharing and cultural exchange.

A senior Moroccan official told Israel Hayom that the two nations had worked together on security matters.

“There is quite a bit of collaboration, especially in regards to preventing radical Islamic terrorism,” the official said.

“The fact that countries like Bahrain, the UAE and Sudan have taken the same step is a relief. We are all glad the king made the right decision.”

Some one million Israelis have family roots in Morocco, and while there were no direct flights between the two nations, hundreds of thousands of Israeli tourists have visited Morocco.

Tourists were allowed to enter Morocco using an Israeli passport.