WATCH: Solar Eclipse Seen Coast to Coast in USA!

Americans coast to coast were fascinated by the total eclipse of the sun – the first in almost a century.

The first total solar eclipse to sweep the U.S. coast to coast in nearly a century came to an end in South Carolina at 2:50 p.m.

Millions of Americans gazed in wonder through telescopes, cameras and disposable protective glasses Monday as the moon blotted out the sun in the first full-blown solar eclipse to sweep the U.S. from coast to coast in nearly a century, turning daylight into twilight.

Totality — when the sun is completely obscured by the moon — lasted just two minutes or so in each location along the narrow corridor stretching all the way across the U.S., from Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. It took about 90 minutes for total blockage to cross the country.

Two-hundred million people live within a day’s drive of Monday’s path of totality. So towns and parks along the eclipse’s main drag have welcomed monumental crowds. The last coast-to-coast eclipse was in 1918.

By: AP