Video reveals Hamas terrorists decapitating Israelis

CNN runs graphic video showing Hamas terrorists beheading Israelis during October 7th invasion.

By World Israel News Staff

A video containing security camera footage from southwestern Israel during the Hamas invasion on October 7th was aired by CNN recently, showing Gaza terrorists beheading Israelis as they overran towns near the Gaza frontier.

Aired on Jake Tapper’s The Lead, the video compared the tactics used by Hamas terrorists to those of the Islamic State In Syria (ISIS).

Following the revelations of Hamas atrocities on October 7th, the Israeli government – including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – has repeatedly compared the Gaza terror group to ISIS, noting in particular the penchant of both groups for beheading their victims.

“Evidence of beheadings, cementing an Israeli view that Hamas is now akin to jihadi groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS,” CNN‘s Matthew Chance said while narrating the security camera footage.

During the CNN segment, Chance argued that the two groups use similar tactics, yet “their goals remain different.”

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Peter Neumann, Professor of War Studies at King’s College London, said that while Hamas is “an Islamist organization,” “its principle enemy is Israel.”

“ISIS is a global, transnational jihadist organization that wants to establish a global caliphate, who considers every consider to be its enemy.”

Neumann said that while ideologically the two groups are distinct, “tactically and strategically” Hamas is becoming indistinguishable from ISIS.

Hamas “is widening its areas of operations. It is considering terrorist attacks abroad. And also, its tactics are becoming more like ISIS.”