Americans are ‘largely asleep,’ says conservative media personality

According to a conservative commentator, speaking ahead of the upcoming U.S. elections, “the question facing voters is very simple. Do you want to continue to have an America or not?”

Conservative commentator Peter Hegseth, on a recent fact-finding mission to Israel, believes that the average American has “almost no idea what it’s like to live in Israel or what it’s like to face the threats that Israel faces.” Rather, they are “infected by the left-wing narrative – in fact, the traditional narrative in higher education and in media – that always points the finger at Israel.”

A veteran of the United States military, he served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and has gone on to be one of the most prominent voices for the veteran community.

Speaking at a media conference in Jerusalem, Hegseth said that after spending only a brief time in Israel, he quickly understood that the mainstream media was lacking in portraying a realistic picture of Israel’s challenges. “Seeing is believing and it is therefore critical that as many people of all backgrounds are encouraged to come to Israel,” Hegseth said.

Conceding that as a Fox News contributor he could not endorse any specific candidate for the presidency, Hegseth nevertheless made his political allegiances clear during the hour-long briefing. Referring to Hillary Clinton as an “historically terrible candidate,” he also described the Obama Administration as having significantly weakened America’s influence in global policy.

Putting it very bluntly, he stated, “the question facing voters is very simple. Do you want to continue to have an America or not?”

Hegseth, a veteran of the U.S. military who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, is the author of the recently released In the Arena, a vision for a new direction for American domestic and foreign policy.

In comments particularly critical of many in the Democratic party and what he described as the “liberal left,” Hegseth said he saw a major failing in their willingness to confront the profound threats facing modern society. “They are unwilling to fight enemies that have real faces, so instead of confronting terrorists and hostile nations and actors, they address faceless ones, like climate change.”

According to Hegseth, the challenge is not what Israel could learn from America, but what America could learn from Israel. Americans are “largely asleep” while under the growing threat of Islamic terror, he said.

By: World Israel News Staff

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