WATCH: Hamas arson terror on Israel’s south continues full force

The arson terror from Gaza, which began three months ago, seems endless as Hamas continues to send incendiary kites and balloons over the border to Israeli territory.  

Arson terror

(Ruth Eitan, Sapir College/Facebook)

Adele Raemer, who lives in a kibbutz near the Gaza border, runs a Facebook page titled “Life on the border with Gaza.” She writes: “Where are the cries and rage of the environmentalists of the world now? What is this deafening silence I hear? Why aren’t there protests objecting to the environmental destruction of this ecosystem here in the Negev? This isn’t an earthquake or tornado that are acts of God. This isn’t even ‘Global Warming’ that will take years to control and needs powerful political lobbies and massive change of human behavior and habits. This is terrorists with primitive kites and balloons who need to be stopped.

“If Israel does it, by shooting at them, we will be condemned… so where is the answer of the international community to this senseless, purposeful destruction of the environment and land that the Palestinians claim to love, claim is theirs and yet are primitively, ruthlessly devastating?””

Following is a video she posted of the devastation at Kibbutz Gvar’am.

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