WATCH: Hamas Cleric Swears on Koran that Israel will be Wiped Clean of All Jews

Hamas cleric and TV host Sheikh Iyad Abu Funun delivers a sinister message, swearing on the Koran that the entire Land of Israel will be wiped completely clean of all Jews. 

The anti-Israel rhetoric from Hamas and Palestinian leaders has increased and is the main problem responsible for the current wave of terror.

This conflict is not about the 1967 cease-fire lines as many Europeans and Americans, including President Obama, seem to think. This conflict is not about land either as many have been led to believe. Rather, this conflict is about the Palestinian desire to kill every Jew living in Israel.

As such, Hamas is using the increased terror to capitalize on its horrific goal, inciting further terrorism, resulting in additional attacks that have been plaguing Israel.

Perhaps the time has come for Israel to permanently eliminate the threat of Hamas. It is clear that they do not want to make peace with Israel.