WATCH: Yom Kippur War veterans steal IDF tank in protest

Residents noticed the tank’s disappearance, prompting a search.

By World Israel News Staff

Veterans of the 1973 Yom Kippur War who are opposed to the judicial reforms promoted by the Netanyahu government have stolen a tank from a battlefield site in the Golan Heights with the intention to display it, together with a copy of Israel’s Declaration of Independence, at a protest by “1973 Veterans Against the Judicial Reform,” Kan News reported.

Police intervened, and the perpetrators are being investigated.

Brigadier General Rafi Noi, one of the leaders of the protest, says that the tank was abandoned in the Golan for 50 years and was collected for the purpose of the protest, Ynet journalist Yair Kraus reported.

“At the end of the war, we put the tanks there and there was no interest in them. They don’t belong to anyone. In three days, at the end of the journey, we planned to return him to his place,” Noi said.

According to one comment below Kraus’s tweet of the video, “For every 100 of these [protesters], there are a thousand that support the reforms.”