What does a US embassy in Jerusalem mean for Israel?

President Donald Trump has kept a major campaign promise by moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, but how will this action affect the Jewish state?

By: Daniel Krygier

After failing to prevent the move of the US embassy to Israel’s capital Jerusalem, the European Union has tried to downplay its significance. In reality, decisions made by the United States have dramatic implications worldwide.

President Trump’s decision to recognize reality by moving the American embassy to Jerusalem, has already put unstoppable forces in motion. Guatemala and Paraguay have already announced that they are moving their embassies to Jerusalem and several other countries are reportedly planning to follow suit.

Despite undiplomatic pressures amounting to blackmail, Brussels has failed to maintain a unified position on Jerusalem within the European Union block. EU member states like Romania, Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic have refused to join the official EU boycott of the American embassy in Jerusalem.

These countries are also at different stages of moving or at least considering moving their embassies to Jerusalem at some point. With the exception of Turkey’s radical firebrand President Recep Erdogan, even most of the Muslim world has realized that Washington’s decision on Jerusalem is irreversible.

Anyone doubting Washington’s global influence, should look no further than the deeply flawed Iran nuclear deal. While the Europeans insist that it is business as usual, the American exit will eventually likely lead to its collapse. President Trump’s planned sanctions on Iran will put significant pressure on the Europeans who will have to choose between trade with the US or trade with Iran.

The Europeans are clearly displeased with the prospect of losing multi-billion dollar trade with Iran but can’t afford deteriorating diplomatic and economic relations with Washington.

On May 14, 1948, President Harry Truman became the first international leader to recognize the reborn Jewish state of Israel. On May 14, 2018, the United States led by President Trump, became the first country to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Over time, most countries in the world have followed in Truman’s footsteps by recognizing Israel.

Over time, most countries in the world will eventually follow in the footsteps of President Trump and move their embassies to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem. It won’t happen tomorrow or even next year, but eventually it will become a reality that rectifies a historic injustice inflicted on the Jewish people and Israel.