White House mistakes synagogue barriers for rocks placed to help rioters

Despite the false rumors, the synagogue has removed its security barriers.

By Aaron Sull, World Israel News

A false rumor, partially fueled by the White House, claiming rock barriers in front of a synagogue in Los Angeles were intentionally laid out to assist Antifa protesters, was slammed by Buzzfeed on Wednesday.

“The White House is falsely claiming that the anti-ramming security barriers outside the Chabad Jewish community center in Sherman Oaks are actually weapons placed by Antifa and professional anarchists,” tweeted Buzzfeed journalist Arieh Kovler.

In a now-deleted post, the White House tweeted out on Wednesday a viral video circulating on social media that showed several encased rock barriers in front of the LA synagogue.

“Antifa and professional anarchists are invading our communities, staging bricks and weapons to instigate violence. These are acts of domestic terror,” the White House post read.

Two days prior to the White House’s tweet, the synagogue debunked the rumors, saying the barriers were installed 12 months ago to act as a defense against car-rammings.

“To all our concerned neighbors and friends, there were false pictures and videos going around today, claiming some bricks or rocks were placed at our center,” the synagogue posted on its Facebook page. “Here is the truth: THESE ARE SECURITY BARRIERS and have been here for almost a year!”

The post went on to say the barriers had been temporarily removed to alleviate concerns that rioters may vandalize or use them to stage attacks.

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In recent days, photos and videos of bricks near protest sites have been circulating around social media, suggesting they were placed there for rioters to use.

Rioters have targeted Jewish neighborhoods in Los Angeles, particularly the Fairfax District, and caused widespread damage to Jewish businesses.