Windows smashed at New Brunswick synagogue

Former synagogue president said the synagogue had decided to install security cameras before the vandalism.

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

The front windows were smashed at Sgoolai Israel synagogue in Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada over the weekend, CBC reports.

Someone noticed the damage early on Saturday and Fredericton police arrived at the site.

Past president of the synagogue, Ivan Lavine said, “It’s a very sad day in Fredericton to think that our fathers and forefathers have contributed so much to this city … and this is what a few bad apples have done.”

Lavine said the synagogue had decided to install security cameras prior to the vandalism and is going to implement these plans shortly.

The synagogue vandalism coincides with International Holocaust Remembrance Day and the International Court of Justice’s hearing a claim brought by South Africa accusing Israel of committing genocide in its war against Hamas.

In addition, antisemitism has risen globally, and in Canada, CBC reports that 53% of all hate crimes in the country target Jews.

According to December statistics, antisemitic incidents were up 211% in Canada since October 7th.

Montreal saw an extended spate of antisemitic violence, vandalism, and harassment.

In November alone, a Montreal synagogue was firebombed, shots were fired at a yeshiva and a Molotov cocktail set fire to a Jewish community center.

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Between January and September of 2023, there were an average of 47 monthly hate crimes reported in Toronto.

Following October 7th, Toronto received an average of 190 monthly hate crime reports, more than a 300% increase.

“Our officers have worked tirelessly to manage 308 demonstrations,” Myron Demkiw, chief of the Toronto Police Service, said on Jan. 11. “Exponentially more than any other city in Canada.”

“Antisemitism continues to account for more reported hate crimes than any other category, making up 37% of all hate crimes reported in 2023,” per Toronto police. “In 2023, there were 132 reported antisemitic hate crimes compared to 65 in 2022.” (Anti-Muslim hate crimes went up from 12 in 2022 to 35 in 2023.)