World’s top celebrity podcaster outrageously accuses Israel of ‘Holocaust’ in Gaza

Rogan: ‘You literally went through the Holocaust…and now you’re willing to do it?’

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

In a rant that demonstrated extreme ignorance and blatant disregard for the facts, Joe Rogan, host of the highest-rated podcast in the world with 190 million monthly downloads, accused Israel of committing a “small Holocaust” in the Gaza Strip.

In an interview with comedian Kurt Metzger, Rogan falsely alleged that the mainstream Israeli attitude towards operations in Gaza is “genocide is okay, as long as we’re doing it.”

He added, “And you’re saying that from the perspective of someone who literally went through the Holocaust — or your people, your tribe — went through the f**king Holocaust, and now you’re willing to do it?”

The two touched on the Gaza conflict and accusations of genocide during a discussion on pundit Candace Owens and her departure from The Daily Wire, after Owens made a series of anti-Israel comments and liked a tweet accusing an Orthodox rabbi of being “drunk on Christian blood.”

The two referenced a story by the Qatar-based outlet Al Jazeera, which Owens recently posted to social media, alleging Israel intentionally killed four men – whom the report suggests appear to be civilians – in a drone strike in a military zone in the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis.

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Rogan commented, “They (Israel) always say that they’re only bombing Hamas and everybody else is a casualty, well if those guys are just unarmed civilians and they’re walking alone, that’s what they appear to be, and you just blast them from the sky with robots.”

Israel is very meticulous in avoiding civilian casualties in its targeted strikes during this war, having the lowest “civilian to combatant casualty ratio” ever recorded.

Approximately half of the deaths in Gaza during this conflict are Hamas terrorists and operatives.

Yet Metzger compared Gaza operations to the devastating Allied bombing of Dresden in World War II, and also criticized IDF operations to target terrorist forces in Jabaliya.

“It’s okay to shoot through all the people; it’s sad that there are people; that’s normal, and that’s just war,” Metzger said sarcastically.

After falsely accusing Israel of intentionally starving Gazans, Metzger made the outrageous claim that Israel is fighting “against people that they hate with, I would say, a racial thing.”

Metzger, who was an ordained Christian minister before beginning his career as a stand-up comedian, said he understood Israelis because he once dated an Israeli woman.

If he had converted to Judaism at the request of his girlfriend, Metzger said, he might have ended up living in Israel.

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Rogan mused that Jewishness was interesting because it’s a “race you can join,” but Metzger incorrectly insisted that Judaism is merely a religion and that Zionists think of being Jewish in racial terms like the Nazis did.

Metzger also alleged that calls to ban TikTok were to prevent IDF soldiers from posting their “war crimes” on the social media platform.

Rogan then said that the Palestinians weren’t to blame for keeping Hamas in power, although they voted for Hamas over the Palestinians Authority and overwhelmingly support Hamas remaining in control of the Strip.