Zehut votes overwhelmingly to accept Likud deal, bows out of Knesset race

Zehut members voted 3-1 to end Knesset bid in exchange for party leader Moshe Feiglin being granted a Cabinet position should Likud form the next government.


Zehut party members voted overwhelmingly on Sunday to accept a deal with the Likud Party and cancel its Knesset bid.

In exchange, the Likud will take on the libertarian-leaning party’s debt and make its leader, Moshe Feiglin, a Cabinet member should Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be chosen to form the next government.

A majority of 77% were in favor of the deal, which Feiglin put to a vote despite personal meetings and an initial understanding with Netanyahu.

Under the agreement, the Likud promised to adopt sections of Zehut’s platform, including expanded legalization of medicinal marijuana and free market economic reforms, and will pay the NIS 3 million ($848,850) debt the small party accrued during its April election bid.

Which Cabinet position Feiglin is expected to fill has not been publicized.

“I thank the party members, who approved by a wide margin today the deal I signed with the prime minister,” said Feiglin on Sunday evening. “With God’s help, the decision we made today will lead us to achieving Zehut’s agenda from inside the government and the Knesset, and in the future towards the building of a party that is important to us, ahead of future challenges.”