Zionists should buy back their homes in US, Europe, says Iranian general

Commander of the IRGC Quds Force says Palestinians will take over; Zionists should “return to their houses that they have sold in Europe and America.”

By Paul Shindman, World Israel News

One of Iran’s top military commanders said Saturday that the Palestinians were going to take over all of Israel and called on “Zionists” to leave the country and go to Europe and America.

The head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps’ elite “Quds Force,” Brigadier General Esmail Ghaani, also claimed that Israel “begged” to stop the war with the Iran-backed terror groups in Gaza earlier this month.

In blustery remarks reported by the Iranian Fars news agency, Ghaani said that Israel should prepare for an “imminent” handover of territory to the Palestinians.

“I advise the Zionists to return to their houses that they have sold in Europe and America before these houses become more expensive,” Ghaani said.

“We all witnessed how Gaza bravely defended all Palestinian lands, despite being under sanctions for 15 years,” Ghaani said, adding, “The Palestinian Resistance acted in such a way that from the first day, the Zionist regime begged its friendly countries to call on the Palestinians to stop the war.”

Ghaani appeared to be covering up for a successful Israeli attack that reportedly destroyed much of the Hamas military infrastructure in Gaza. Instead of seeking a quick halt, as Ghaani claimed, the IDF had fooled the Hamas terror group into thinking that a ground invasion was underway.

Despite Ghaani’s bravado, Israeli political and military leaders said repeatedly that the confrontation would continue as long as necessary and initial predictions were that Israel was prepared for at least two weeks of fighting.

“We will continue as long as necessary in order to restore the quiet to all citizens of Israel,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on May 19th, the 10th day of fighting after Hamas triggered the hostilities with an unprovoked rocket attack on Jerusalem.

Ghaani boasted that the Palestinians had not targeted key Israeli installations because they themselves would soon be using them.

“Many of the infrastructural facilities were within the reach of Palestinian missiles and could be targeted, but, they [Hamas and Islamic Jihad] refused to target them because it will not take long for Palestinians to use these facilities,” Ghaani said.

“The message of the Palestinian Resistance and global Resistance to the children of Palestine is to plan for ruling the whole Palestine,” Ghaani added.

The destruction of Israel has been a central policy of the Iranian regime since the 1979 revolution that brought the Islamic radicals to power. Different Iranian political leaders and military commanders over the years have repeated Iran’s intention to destroy the Jewish State.

Although the United Nations generally remains silent about the Iranian threats to destroy a member country, the rhetoric from Tehran has sometimes prompted rebuke from Iran’s own allies, like Russia, which in 2018 told Iran that  threats are “an absolutely wrong way to advance one’s own interests.”