​Netanyahu: Iran is our North Korea

Netanyahu reiterated his warning that a nuclear deal with Iran could prove very dangerous for the world, citing North Korea as an example.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

Meeting with a senior South Korean government minister on Wednesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated his fear that the framework Iran nuclear agreement between the six global powers and Islamic Republic is a repetition of the grave mistake made by the US in 1994, when Washington made a deal with North Korea.

Netanyahu expressed his apprehensions in discussion with Hwang Woo-yea, the South Korean deputy prime minister and minister of education, who is on an official visit to Israel.

The Israeli leader lauded the “excellent relationship between the Republic of Korea and Israel,” saying that both countries were “amazing success stories, two democracies facing adversity, hostility from our neighbors, but spectacular economic success, not because of raw materials, but because of the raw material of the brains and hearts of our people.”

“We embrace the future. We are proud of our heritage, our history, and we both, unfortunately, face a threat of rogue states and hostility from our neighbors,” he said, referring to the Iranian nuclear threat facing Israel and the similar danger South Korea faces from North Korea.

Both countries can learn from each other, Netanyahu continued, focusing on the historical lessons to be taken from the North Korean experience. “It was said then that the inspections [of North Korea’s nuclear facilities] would prevent proliferation. It was said then that they would moderate North Korea’s aggressive behavior. It was said that it would integrate North Korea into the family of nations and unfortunately that didn’t happen,” he stated, noting that similar claims are being made regarding a deal with Iran.

“I am very concerned that the Lausanne framework would repeat and is repeating these mistakes,” he warned. “I think the repetition of these mistakes is a great historic blunder. And I think we can learn all the good things that have happened on the Korean peninsula, but also the bad things that have happened in the nuclear negotiations.”

Netanyahu concluded by praising South Korea’s achievements and cooperation with Israel. “I think we are, in many ways, a perfect match. I believe your visit here could help us further the tremendous potential for additional cooperation between our countries in every field.”