Female Israeli Border Police officer injured in counter-terror operation near Bethlehem

A female Border Police officer was injured from a Molotov Cocktail thrown at her in Deheishe, near Bethlehem. 

By: World Israel News Staff 

Palestinians injured a female Border Police officer Tuesday morning when they threw a firebomb at her in the Palestinian town of Deheishe, near Bethlehem.

Her hand was injured by the firebomb in the middle of operations during attempts to control rioting in the town. She received medical treatment from IDF medics at the scene of the violence.

Rioters threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at IDF soldiers and Border Police during the demonstrations.

The IDF said the Palestinians were rioting in protest against the arrest of terrorist suspects.

Deheishe is a Palestinian neighborhood with a history of violence.

In all, Israeli security forces detained 17 terror suspects overnight the IDF said.