6 shot, 5 terror suspects arrested in Jenin

Residents of Jenin opened fire and hurled explosive devices at the troops.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

An undercover IDF unit, with support from Border Police officers, arrested five terror suspects in the PA-controlled city of Jenin during the early hours of Monday morning.

But although the undercover unit successfully entered Jenin without raising suspicions, they engaged in a massive firefight with locals when trying to transport the terror suspects out of the city.

Residents of Jenin opened fire and hurled explosive devices at the troops, Hebrew language media reported.

The IDF returned fire, wounding six Palestinians. Troops seized an M-16 machine gun from one of the men who was shot.

One armored IDF vehicle came under such heavy fire during the clash that it was unable to leave the area.

Other units had to rescue the occupants of the vehicle while under fire. No IDF soldiers were injured during the firefight.

“The undercover unit …and the Border Police units in Judea and Samaria will continue to act resolutely and expertly against any terrorist activity that endangers the lives of the fighters and the public, while being prepared for any scenario at any time and place,” read a statement from the Border Police.

Last month, two Palestinian Military Intelligence officers were killed by undercover IDF troops during an operation to arrest two terror suspects in Jenin.

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The IDF had not notified local authorities that they would be operating in the area, so the PMM believed that the undercover unit were terrorists.

One of the wanted terrorists was killed in the firefight, and the IDF arrested the other man who was the target of the raid.

The PA released a statement highly critical of Israel over the incident, calling it a “dangerous escalation” and calling upon the international community to “provide protection for Palestinian people.”

There will be “serious repercussions” for the incident, the PA vowed.