70,000 bullets, 70 grenades stolen from IDF base in northern Israel

“The circumstances of the theft are being investigated by the Military Police,” the IDF stated.

By World Israel News Staff

Some 70,000 5.56-millimeter bullets and about 70 high-explosive grenades were stolen overnight Friday/Saturday in a break-in at the Tznobar IDF training camp in the Golan Heights.

IDF forces, police and security forces are conducting searches in the area for the stolen ammunition.

“The circumstances of the theft are being investigated by the Military Police, and at the end of the investigation, the findings will be handed over to the Military Advocate General for examination,” the IDF stated.

Last month, about 30,000 bullets were stolen from the IDF’s Sde Teiman base in the South.

In February 2021, security at a southern IDF base was foiled twice within a week. The first resulted in the gathering of intelligence; in the second, military equipment was stolen.

It is feared that the stolen ammunition could be used in terror attacks.

In March almost 1,000 bullets were seized from ISIS-inspired terrorists who shot and killed two police officers in Hadera. Police said they were armed with automatic weapons and 1,100 bullets, several handguns and knives.

During the IDF counterterrorism raids in Judea and Samaria over the last several months, security forces have seized stolen a significant amount of ammunition.

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Approximately 70% of the 400,000 illegal weapons in the country were likely stolen from either the army or the police, security officials say.